Campus Compact of NY & PA are now Partners of Campus Community Engagement


A New Organization with Decades of Experience

Partners for Campus-Community Engagement is changing paradigms. We work to level the playing field within campus community dynamics by including community partners as equal members. We are the only higher ed organization in the region that serves all institution types – two-year, four-year, public, and independent – and includes community partners in our membership and governance.

For the past 30 years, we have led the charge to advance equitable, place-based community engagement, provided grant support for campuses, and developed innovative professional development for members in the region. That ensured New York and Pennsylvania colleges and universities would graduate students who not only become future leaders in their chosen fields but also civically engaged leaders in their communities.

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Civic imagination grants

The purpose of Civic Imagination Scholarships is designed to support community-based organizations and higher ed institutions working together in New York & Pennsylvania whether by proximity or interest in similar topics to address common issues. This scholarship program is open to students who have innovative ideas for addressing local civic problems, either on campus or in the local community. Our goal is to create a diverse cohort of creative student civic leaders from across New York and Pennsylvania who are inspired to strengthen our democracy through civic and community engagement.

Communities Of Practice

PCCE’s Communities of Practice gather civic and community engagement professionals – in and outside of higher education – to create a learning community where community is emphasized equally with learning. Our CoPs are grounded in relationships and community building, as well as learning and practice.


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Civic Innovation Scholars Recipients


PCCE’s AmeriCorps VISTA program is organized to support our partners with developing or advancing the infrastructure of their campus-community partnerships. All PCCE partners are eligible to apply for an AmeriCorps VISTA project at a significantly reduced rate compared to the full cost-share of a VISTA member through AmeriCorps directly.

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