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The Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) Food Security Network is a collection of institutions across New York state working together in regional collaboration to share strategies, best practices, and resources related to HEI responses to food insecurity.

our history

This regional network was formed in 2020 as a joint project between Ithaca College and Partners for Campus – Community Engagement (PCCE). The project was initiated due to three noticeable gaps in the HEI food security literature:

1. Limited knowledge of existing HEIs food security efforts in New York State

​2. Poor understanding of effectiveness of  HEIs food security initiatives in New York State 

3. Food security efforts created in isolation at HEIs across New York State.

our mission

The Higher Education Institutions (HEI) Food Security Initiatives Network works to expand the New York State regional knowledge base of campus and community responses to food insecurity to facilitate the sharing of experiences, best practices, and resources to target food insecurity among students, faculty, staff, and community members.

our vision

The HEI Food Security Initiatives Network envisions a future where institutions in New York State can collaborate regionally to sustainably address food insecurity on their campuses and in their communities.​​


food security network members

Alfred University
​Tamara Kenney

Partners for Campus –
Community Engagement
Laurie Worrall

Colgate University
Jeremy T. Wattles
Dorsey Spencer

Hamilton College
​Amy James

Hilbert College
Jeffrey Papia
Rachel Wozniak

Hobart and
William Smith Colleges
Jennifer Tufano
Kathleen S. Flowers

Ithaca College
David Harker

Mercy College
Julie Cruickshank

Nazareth College
Brian McGahn
Nuala Boyle
Adam M. Lewandowski

New York Institute of
Felipe Henao

Niagara County
Community College
​Molly Cole

Rochester Institute of
Sharon Kompalla-Porter

St. John Fisher College
Jonathan Schott

SUNY Binghamton
Linda Salomons
Barrett P. Brenton
Deanne Ellison

SUNY Buffalo State
Kristen Helling

SUNY Onondaga
Community College
​Jerome Farnett

Union College

University at Buffalo
Elizabeth Hladczuk

University of Rochester
Gene Vogler

Villa Maria College
LaShawn Chinn
Sr Michaelanne Galas

Interested in joining the HEIs Food Security Initiatives Network?

We are always expanding our network, and we invite you to join us.

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